Patreon Goals for Mechanical Keyboard Desktop App

First, thanks for being here and enjoying at least one of the cool things I’ve made, it’s awesome that people are enjoying things I created!

I’d really like to take time off from working to develop an insanely cool mechanical keyboard desktop application, and, if time/money permits, continue working on even more cool stuff, pretty much all the time.

If you would like, I’ve set up a Patreon page where people can choose to support me, and I’ve thrown in a ton of fun stuff that I think you’ll have great fun with. On top of the perks you get for supporting me, collectively everyone will work towards goals I’ve set to develop really cool stuff, mainly for the Mechanical Keyboard Desktop App!


Please consider supporting me on Patreon!



*About the Special above, you can read more on Patreon (scroll down to Clubmaster tier), but here’s the gist: Send me anything, sprites, drawings, music, voice acting, or gimmicky game idea, anything, and I’ll make it into a game, playable on your browser that you can share with a link. Feel free to get crazy weird with it.

Thanks for reading. I hope you see I’m trying to build a fanbase and sweeten the deal at the same time.

I want to get back to making games, tools, and funny videos again, but being a stupid adult has gotten in the way. Help me out?